Outbound dial tone setup from end stations

I’ve read and read and stuck hard. Simply want to a far end to dial 9 and that digit string pulls the 1st FXS line on my small 4 port pbx.

I know I have FXS dial tone at the jack, but need some help on how to set up the dial string as to pull dial tone off the pbx.

Anyone with got a paypal account that I can feed you lunch for your help ?


Not real sure what you are asking here, so why not read the docs?
then you can ask a question about some thing.

Hint: You need trunks and inbound / outbound routes


Of couse I read the docs… but I think my real problem is I cannot see my analog card with my FXS lines with the status gui. Should I see them over on the right side? I am not a geek when it comes to this type of OS. I wonder if there is a command or gui to confirm the card is loaded.


What analogue card are you using? If it is a zaptel compatible card then using zttool should show you if the card has been recognised.

Have you configured zaptel to present the card in Asterisk?


Ah… most likely my problem As I said, I’m not an expert at this OS. I’m a telco guy Is this zaptel on my system now? Running Centros and FPBX 2.4


How was your FreePBX box built? Was it from one of the common distributions like Trixbox or PBX in a Flash? If so, then zaptel should be installed as part of the build. If you built it by hand, you would have needed to download and complie the zaptel code.

Here is a link to an article on installing zaptel - http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/wildcard_tdm400p.html

Do a google search for ‘configuring zaptel with asterisk’ and you will get a lot more.

Do you know what the analogue card is that is in your server?