Outbound dial patterns disappearing (not dialplans)

I posted this question with an incorrect title (dialplans) when I meant to ask about dial patterns, so I am reposting it with the correct title.

I have FreePBX set up with three Google Voice numbers. I set up dial patterns on the outbound routes so that if you prefix the number with 7 it goes out on the first GV number, 8 for the second GV number, 9 for the third GV number.

I can get it to work no problem. However, after a day or two, those dial patterns disappear and go back to 1NXXNXXXXXX and 1+NXXNXXXXXX. And they disappear without any rebooting of the server FreePBX is running on. Any idea what is happening? (see server info below if necessary)

Latest-I think this might be occurring when I update the core. I am not sure but I will watch it the next time I update the core.

Thank you in advance!

The server in question-
I have FreePBX Core with Asterisk 11.2.1 (Asterisk 11.2.1 built by root @ 237-138-19-10.digium.internal on a i686 running Linux on 2013-03-06 18:56:51 UTC) The only editing I have done at the CLI level was to some of the .conf files, as directed by instructions, to get the Digium Free Fax License to work.

My background-
Although I have 25 years experience in I.T. and my own I.T. corporation, I just got into FreePBX three months ago using the FreePBX distro. Despite being new, I have probably accumulated about 150 hours of experience on the FreePBX system. I have set up two FreePBX servers (one 32 bit and one 64 bit) and learned about every feature of the base FreePBX, a few add-on supported modules, and even set up the free Digium Fax License on both servers (that by far was the most difficult process I had to do on FreePBX.) I have set up custom inbound routes that route my cell phone to a “the system is working” message so I can check on my systems. The only thing I have not gotten into is auto provisioning. Finally, I have set up about 20 Yealink T20 and T28 phones. (BTW, I really like the Yealink phones on both the user and admin level. Other than setting the custom graphic on the T28, these phones are super easy to configure.)

Since I wrote this, I have noticed it is NOT related to updating modules. They just seem to fall off after a day or two.