Outbound Destination CallerID logged with Prefix

Hi, I’ve setup a simple dialplan so that for calling out I’ve to dial 0XXXXXX and every thing is working except that the outbound call are registered with the whole number I’ve dial, including the leading zero.

Is there any way to remove it so it doesn’t show in the Call History, or at least is not show on the Caller Name so if the number is in the address book it gets match ?

you can use prepend in dial patterns in outbound routes.

Using prepend on the outbound route only add a 0 to the dialed number for the trunk, and that has no use to me. What I want is dial 012345 (the leading zero determines the outgoing route) to call 12345 and that the call history shows 12345 without the leading zero so that if that number is on the asterisk phonebook it’d get match.