Outbound CNAM cdr userfield shows garbled characters

Hello , everyone , My server is running FreePBX , and installed Outbound CNAM module. The module is written by @lgaetz, and is great.

Outbound CNAM module works ,but I just facing an issue, the Chinese characters were garbled on userfield.

Hers is the example:

Please help me to fix it, thank you ! :slight_smile:

hello, is there a way to fix it ?

We are all users here. You’re asking in the wrong place. Have you submitted an Issues ticket for the developers to look at? You are going to need to supply a lot more information for them to replicate and trouble shoot this problem.

Outbound CNAM is a third party module, not supported by the project devs. As the author, I don’t have time to investigate this at present, nor do I know enough about utf8 to suggest places to look for the issue. You can open a ticket here and add any details and/or fixes you come up with.

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