Outbound CID

I am my wits end.

I had a Debian+1.4.x+FreePBX config. Everything seemed to work fine - including the CID. I wanted to add some fax functionality so I moved to the FreePBX distro. Now I have one problem I can’t seem to overcome.

I am trying to send out CID and my Asterisk box is only sending out “Private”. My trunks were configured using the SIPSTATION module and the key. I have put custom contexts in both extensions and the trunks. I can make it read “unavailable” if I put malformed information in the outbound CID field. When it is configured correctly then it comes back as “Private”.

The last line in my asterisk console regarding outbound CID reads

-- Executing [s@macro-outbound-callerid:15] ExecIf("SIP/3000-0000003d", "0?Set(CALLERPRES()=prohib_passed_screen)") in new stack I don’t know if that is sigificant.

I have searched and all I can find is references do the chan_dahdi.conf. I verified that “usecallingpres=yes” is correct. I am guessing that there is a field that needs to be changed in FreePBX. I am stumped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

–added 6/10/2011–

This ended up being the fault of the grandstream GXP2100 phone. I updated the firmware from grandstreams http server and the CID was being displayed properly.