Outbound CID Settings - Users

Hi can someone with the settings for outbound CID names? I have 3 small companies on my freepbx distro machine (current version) and I’d like specific users to have different CID names. I can change the CID number without issue but calls received on the other end (my cell phone for instance) displays “800 Service” and the number in the Outbound CID field. I noticed the pop up stating a format of “caller name” <#######>. I tried this format but calls still show on other end as “800 Service”. I also tried random numbers like so “HELLO” <1111111111>, with this setting it shows “Name Unavailable” 1111111111 on the other end. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

CID Name is not supported in North America. The name is handled by the carrier of who you are calling does a lookup into CID Databases. You have no ability to control this from the PBX.

Thanks Tony!

It works fine in Canada