"Outbound CID" overrides dont work!


PBX Firmware:10.13.66-12

I try set “Outbound CID” to one extension, but it does not work - always show extension number.

I’ve noticed the same here

Is your outbound route setup to honor the CID the extension is sending? Do you have the trustrpid and sendprid settings as yes on the trunk?

I do not see these settings on Connectivity/Trunks page

trustrpid and sendrpid options are on the extension.

Check your “intracompany route” setting. If this is set, the extension caller ID will be transmitted. If not, it should be sending your route or trunk caller ID.

Trust RPID is set to Yes by default.
I tried set Send RPID to “Send Remote-Party-ID header” and “Send P-Asserted-Identity” header, but it did not help.

Any suggestions?

Or “Outbound CID” option is bugged?

In the trunk settings it’s

sendrpid = yes
trustrpid = yes

It’s been a month since this was last chatted about, but it’s always a good time to throw in some random observations. The concerning part here is that it’s the extension CID that getting propagated.

There are two possible problems:

  1. The Outbound route is set with “Intracompany Route” turned on. This does a couple of things, but the most wondrous is that it allows the actual extension number (like “379”) to propagate onto the PSTN. We want extensions to have Called ID for internal calls, but we don’t necessarily want that extension to “sneak out”. This is, from the original post, what it sounds like it happening.

  2. The additional “PID” settings are there to reinforce the setting of the Caller ID in cases of FindMe/FollowMe. If these are set "too aggressively, they can cause the same issue.

Since we never heard back from the original poster, I’m going to assume he “turned the plug right-side up” (a trick we used to use for our customers to figure out their computer was unplugged when I worked the Help Desk in Europe).