Outbound CID Name

Has anyone had any experience with Vitelity Trunks stripping the Name out of the CID for oubound calls? The telephone number is displayed on the recipients CID, but the name shows ‘Unknown Caller’.

The Extension is seutp with:

Outbound CID: “Name”

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!



It isn’t that Vitelity is stripping it out. In the US Caller ID Name is looked up at the terminating exchange. You need to have a “LIBD” database entry added for landlines (I don’t believe that all Cell Phone companies are willing to pay the transaction fees so some don’t supply it). It costs a one-time $10 setup fee to associate a name with a Vitelity DID. If its not a Vitelity DID you are using as the Caller ID number then you need to work with whomever you are getting the number from and they probably have to talk to whomever owns that number space. I believe if it is a continuous digital path PRI to PRI for example the Name information might be used. Also if the number you are specifying for Caller ID Number isn’t a US number then I don’t think the name will ever show up.

In Canada it works differently, the Caller ID Name can be supplied on a digital circuit such as PRI and it will show up on the called person’s set.

I’m sure Europe and the rest of the world is different too.


Thanks much!

That really clears things up. I appreciate your quick response.