Outbound calls

Hi everybody,

newbie here - I kindly need some wise words,

I have 2 trunks - Trunk 1 and Trunk 2
Trunk 1 accepts calls from a specific IP
When outbound calls are made from that Trunk 1, I need them to be routed Trunk 2

So basically and outbound route.
There are no pattern it should match. So it is catch all No matter what Trunk 1 sends, it should be sent to trunk 2

Trunk 1
IP has been inserted

Trunk 2
IP has been inserted

Outbound route has been created with “X.” as pattern, which goes to trunk 2

Error message on FREEPBX

[2024-06-15 10:25:34] NOTICE[21707] res_pjsip_session.c: pbx01.XXXXXX: Call (UDP: to extension ‘1954XXXXXXX’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-pstn’.

So based on that, I would say I am missing some “context” somewhere - but I have no idea what/how to do that

For the love of God, I can not make it work.
Can any one please guide/help me with some advise?

Try setting Context for trunk 1 to

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