Outbound calls working but inbound calls failing

I am setting up my first FreePBX setup on a local hosted server with SIP trunking from a local provider.

The DID is setup and points to my external IP and I was given a SIP trunk IP as well as a ‘Firewall configuration IP’

Placed the SIP trunk IP as the SIP server and the firewall config IP as Match (Permit).

I can successfully make outbound calls but inbound calls will not even ring and tell me call failed.

What logs can I provide to help?

The use of application level gateways in routers is strongly discouraged; it nearly always leads to tears.

If you don’t really have an ALG, but are simply doing port forwarding, as is the recommended method, match/permit could contain the providers’ UAC addresses (the addresses they use as client when calling you).

Also check that you are successfully registering, unless you have provided your public address to the provider, and are using IP authentication.

I am using IP authentication and set SIP ALG in my router to off. My trunks are also marking as available.

It was indeed the port forwarding. I overlooked it for port 5060, working perfectly now.

Thank you!

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