Outbound calls work on Ringotel, but inbound don't. On linphone BOTH work?

Hello again, sorry for bothering you guys.

Anyone have any ideas. Ringotel outbound works nicely, but I can’t get it to ring when I dial the DID i have connected to the inbound route. When I launch Linphone on my desktop, it will ring when I dial the DID but Ringotel won’t… i thought I would be lazy and post here. I will keep trying different settings in Ringotel, I guess it won’t be too hard to fix.

If you have a problem with your router, then sngrep is a good tool to diagnose before you will see any interaction with your server.

When that is showing activity to your server then you will need to post logs.

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Hi guys,

I contacted Ringotel support and they told me to change Max Contacts to a higher number.

You can find Max Contacts in Applications → Extensions → Click Extension → Advanced → Max Contacts.

Changing this from 1 to 5 allowed inbound calls to work (it also let my phone AND desktop ring upon inbound call which is what we wanted!!)

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