Outbound calls work, but not inbound

AsteriskNOW 1.7.1

I have one trunk configured, outbound works, which confirms authentication with my provider. When testing inbound, I’m receiving voiced automated error messages. Authentication must be failing from my provider to my server. What is the best way to go about this?

FYI… My provider does support the FreePBX interface, and they will not provide configuration.

I don’t understand – just get the SIP package from freepbx.org

Also, all you need is

a) freepbx
b) internet connection
c) voip service, (which I personally purchased from freepbx.org)

Once you enter your account key it will automatically generate 2 trunks automatically and then you’ll just create the internal/external routes.

Please let me know what is your configuration. Ill post mines. I just got my freepbx and polycom ip 500 phones working today. It took me 4 days to get everything working and now I have the solution. Id say to fully setup the system it will take 3 - 4 hours in total; that’s including the testing.


I have all of the above.

The first step is to check if the trunk is registered with your SIP provider, in the GUI select Tools-Asterisk Info-Registries and you will see if it is registered, if its not its odds on there is something incorrect in your configuration or your inbound route is set up incorrectly.

You haven’t given a lot of detail, so I’m having to make a lot of assumpions here.

If you’re getting an automated disconect recording, it is likely that your SIP provider is sending calls over with a DID that doesn’t match what’s in your inbound routes. If the DID that comes in doesn’t match an inbound route that you’ve set-up and you have no catchall, you’ll get a disconnect recording. Verify that you have your inbound route defined correctly to match what your SIP provider is sending.

Also, for testing purposes, create a catchall inbound route that has the DID and Caller ID fields blanks - this will ensure that calls get through no matter what DID is being sent.

BTW- AsteriskNOW is fairly old. I’d consider a newer Distro like PBX In A Flash or the FreePBX Distro. Also, if your VOIP provider doesn’t support FreePBX, I’d drop them. There are plenty that do support FreePBX, i.e. Bandwidth.com, Callcentric, VOIP.MS, Flowroute, Vitelity, Future Nine, Les.net, and many more.

I’ll troublehsoot with the advised info, and advise afterwards.


As you recommended, I created an inbound route with the ‘DID Number’ and ‘CallerID’ fields blank. I’m still receiving the same ‘invalid #’ message when trying to call. Any ideas?

Can you confirm that my configured trunk has nothing to do with inbound calls; just outbound, and that inbound calls strictly rely on inbound routes?