Outbound calls with 2 different numbers

Hi, I have 2 numbers with 10 digits. When I call someone with the first phone, the displayed caller id is the first phone’s number. But when I call with the second phone, the displayed caller id is still the first phone’s number!

In the beginning I had created one outbound route and one trunk for each number.
for each trunk, I entered the phone number in outbound callerid and added all the needed peer details.
for each outbound route, I entered the phone number in route cid, and chose the associated trunk.

In a second time, I removed the phone numbers in the outbound routes parameters. Nothing changed.
In a third time, I kept only one route, and chose both trunks. Nothing changed.
In a fourth time, i reverted the trunk’s order in the route’s parameters. Now it’s the second phone number who is always displayed.

How should I configure my routes and trunks, in order to always have the right number displayed?

If you have one provider, you don’t need two Trunks to be able to use two different CIDs.
However, if you don’t tell the PBX which CID to use then it won’t set it as the CID.

One way may be to set the outgoing CID in the extension settings.
Another way is to setup separate outbound routes that have different CIDs with different dial patterns, such as a prefix, or extension CID.

In my trunks, the sip settings are different, so how can I use only one trunk ?

No, you don’t HAVE to use one Trunk. I said that you don’t necessarily have to use two trunks in order to be able to use two CIDs. You can order two DIDs from the same provider and set a different CID on each extension.
However, if you do have two Trunks from different carriers, then you either have to setup the outbound routes as mentioned above, or purchase the commercial Class of Service module which allows you to permit/deny specific outbound routes per extension.

I kept my two trunks, and added the cid in the extensions settings, but nothing changed.

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