Outbound calls ring for caller but doesn't actually go through

I’ve got an issues with a FreePBX 50 system with built in FXO card. The client is telling me that when they call out a lot of the time the phone just ring and rings and rings but nobody ever answers. They then call with their cell phone and the person picks up and tells them they didn’t get a call with the previous attempt.

Anyone ever see this?

Can not understand that. Please show the CLI, make sure the calls are out by FXO if using FXO calling out.

I had errors regarding DAHDI
"Unable to write to /etc/dahdi/system.conf"
Permissions on system.conf were set to root instead of asterisk. I changed the permissions and the error message goes away now.

I will get the user to try again tomorrow.

maybe, better try config from GUI.

Maybe you should run “fwconsole chown” from the console to make sure all the files security is properly set.

I called into support earlier today. It turns out that there was an issue with the DAHDI config. We went into the DAHDI config, edited the config without changing anything and saving it again. That rewrote the config file and it worked.