Outbound calls not rolling

I was wondering whether someone could give me some ideas. We have a Freepbx system (framework:, Asterisk: 12.12.2), with two POT lines coming in. We have with the following problem: Incoming all lines can be used. If there is an incoming line in use you can still call out. However if someone is already making an outgoing call, the second outgoing call cannot be made. I have done this:

  • on the outbound routes I have added the other line as the “Trunk sequence for matched routes”
    We have a Dahdi phone card.

I expect you have a trunk per DAHDi line. Check if all of DAHDi trunks have “Continue if busy” flag set.

That was the problem. I should have seen that. But in looking back it is still strange. I have it set that it uses line 1 first, then if busy, tries line 2. However what was happening was that if someone was calling out on line 1, line 2 was not available. Last evening I discovered that if I forced it to call out on line 2, line 1 was available to call out on.

When I checked this morning the “continue if busy” flag I found the it was turned off on line 2 (not line 1 as I would have supposed). When I turned that flag on it works as it is supposed to.


“Best Practice” when using DAHDI trunks for outbound is to use the ‘G0’ (instead of ‘g0’) group. That way, the port selection starts at the back of the bank and goes in reverse.

The way I set up Dahdi from the GUI the group is blank. The continue if busy flag fixed the problem, so will this be a problem?

It all depends on how your specific system is set up. If “continue on busy” is working, then don’t mess with it.

OK. Thanks for your help. The next time there is a problem I will have one more thing to do.

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