Outbound calls mysteriously going to dialtone?

I’ve changed nothing - some calls work - some don’t

with this one I’ve specifically used a prefix (322) which sends calls to the PSTN instead of using Sipgate but the problem occurs with and without the prefix


Any ideas??

35294	[2022-10-04 17:34:26] VERBOSE[11606][C-0000d4c8] app_dial.c: Called SIP/1-pstn/07621280034	
35295	[2022-10-04 17:34:26] VERBOSE[11606][C-0000d4c8] app_dial.c: SIP/1-pstn-00000fe3 is ringing	
35296	[2022-10-04 17:34:26] VERBOSE[11606][C-0000d4c8] app_dial.c: SIP/1-pstn-00000fe3 answered PJSIP/22-0000daae	

This shows proper behavior by Asterisk. I suspect that the PSTN gateway somehow did not relay the call properly. Make/model? If it has a syslog feature, that may show what went wrong. It also may be useful to listen to the analog line to hear whether dialtone was present, DTMF was properly sent, etc.

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