Outbound calls getting disconnected when two or more users call the same number (in our case its an external conference call)


We installed an AsteriskNOW with FreePBX clean intall using ISO DVD. Setup a SIP to use our provider. We have bought g729 channels license and installed and its working fine as well. Given allow=g729 on the trunk and its working ok.

Now the problem is that when two or more extensions call the same external number (in our case its an external conference bridge number DID), all users get disconnected from that call after sometime and this has happened many times.

What could be the possible issue?

Inbound is working fine since we are hosting an IVR and its coming up well.

Pls help!

You will need licences for ALL your g 729 channels if you are transcoding that will be 2 x connrctions

Yes, i have got 20 channels license and its installed properly. When i call the same external conference bridge (only 1 connection), the calls goes fine. The moment a second caller calls the same number, in 45 seconds we both are thrown out with a message ‘hung up’ on our x-lite.

Do your xlite softphones have g729 also? They will need them.

They are x-lite 3.0, i dont think i ever installed or seen any setting related to g729. I know eyebeam has g729 functionality.

I checked the usage on asterisk, its about 12 kbps one-side per call.