Outbound Calling do not dial with Grandstream GXW4104

I have a fresh Asterisk/FreePBX install configured to use a Grandstream GXW4104 gateway. The Gateway is configured for 2-stage dialing. When I use 1-stage, I get an “All circuits are busy”. Inbound calls work and are routing properly. Outbound calls are half-way working. When I dial an outbound number 9XXXXXXX, the call seems to be transferred to the gateway (slight ring), then the outside line is picked up and I hear the dial tone, but it does not dial. However, once the outside line is picked up, I can then redial the 7 digit number and the call continues. I hear both sides of the conversation and the call quality is good.

I’ve been looking at these configurations for the past few hours and nothing. I’m not sure what side I need to be looking on. Here are some specific questions, but feel free to add any additional comments.

  1. I think the issue is the PBX sending the DTMF tones, but not sure. I’ve starting going down this rabbit trail to see where it will lead! Am I looking in the right place?

  2. On the gateway, should I be using 1 stage or 2-stage dialing? I think I should be using 1 stage, but keep getting the “all circuits are busy”. But two stage dialing works, but I have to dial the number again once the line is picked up.

Any guidance is appreciated.