Outbound CallerID


I’ve checked everywhere, but I must have missed something. I’m using FreePBX with all the latest updates. I’m trying to set the CID of my outbound calls. For now, I set Route CID the my company name. I also set the Trunk Oubound CallerID to the same value, and set the CID Options of this trunk to Force Trunk CID. But the resulting CID still seems to be: Unknown.

In the Asterisk Logs, it looks like the CID is set correctly (well, I’m not 100% sure, since there are so many lines regarding the CID), and also made sure that the VoIP carrier accepts the remote CID for outbound calls. Nothing works.

How can I solve this issue?



turn on sip debugging to get a trace of the exact sip INVITE you are sending, and then check with you carrier if you think the format looks right.

they may be expecting something like sendrpid or some specific format, or something else.