Outbound CallerID Problem

I feel certain that I have a configuration error in the FreePBX GUI related to outbound CalledID. The user name: 3602003830 is the only value that will show up for any extension CallerID (when calling out to the PSTN). I have ensured the check box to override Extension CallerID is unchecked. I have tried everything I could find with Asterisk and FreePBX, but it is always the main number sent out.

Please help me look in the right places to find my error.


What type of trunking are you using. What FreePBX version?


SIP Trunks

If you have the extension Outgoing Caller ID set properly it must be a setting on the SIP trunk itself (on their end) that forces the Caller ID to one number. Callcentric, for example, defaults to that type of setting.

OK, thank you! I am pretty sure the CID format per extension is correct. The override box is unchecked. I just cannot get anything. Let me get the switch end checked out.