Outbound CallerID not used for 'custom' extensions


I have the following challenge.

Our ISDN30 connection has the following number range: +318821708xx , the entire 100 number range is ours.

Our phones have extensions starting from 801-899 (not all are used, but thats not important right now).
In the extension configs of the SIP accounts, I have set the OutBound CID to a 2 digit number

In ‘Basic -> Extensions’ I’ve created extra ‘zap’ extensions like this:
Extension: 7213
Name: my mobile
channel g0/0612345678

When I dial my cellphone number manually, the OutBound CID is set correctly and I see the correct number in my display (+318821708xx). But when I dial ‘7213’, my cell phone is dialed, but the Caller ID is not set to the 2 digits but to the extension I’m dialing with. I see this on my cell display: +3188217088xx (1 extra number)

Does anyone know what I can do about this ? What config files should I be looking at, does anything in zapata.conf have anything todo with this ?

Is there a better way to create a company wide speeddial list (with more than 9 speeddials offcourse) ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


when you create a custom extension with something like:


you are completely bypassing the freePBX dialplan logic that manipulates the outbound CID. If your desire for that extensions it to dial 0612345678 just as you would normally from a phone, you can change it to:

Local/[email protected]

This will route the call as if it were dialed internally.

Thanks, this does exactly what I need !