Outbound CallerID Issue

A company I work for has three PRIs connected to a Rhino R4T1 PCI card. The solution that they are looking for is to outpulse callerID information based on extension. For example Bob Jones who has an inbound DID of 602-555-5555 when making long distance or local calls would show up as Bob Jones 602-555-5555 on the callerID. I understand that this is a simple request as this has been a standard feature in FreePBX for quite some time however I have been unable to get it to work. I use the syntax “Name” as shown in the help box. I have also tried just the number, number with no brackets, no space between " and <, etc. When I look in the console window I can see asterisk trying to use the programmed callerID but when I make test calls it never shows up. I also know that outbound callerID works because if I create a custom queue and use the SetCallerID http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=Asterisk%20cmd%20Set… function it works properly. This is annoying however because I have to hard code alot of this functionality for each extension when it would be alot easier to do it via FreePBX. I would appreciate any help you guys can offer to get the Outbound callerID function in FreePBX to work properly.

For each extension you can program the external DID number for that extension in. Yes you can also program the name but your carrier and the receiving end’s carrier are under no obligation to pass it on or accept it. In reality most carriers do not pass them on (they get filtered out) and the receiving carrier will look it up in a national database if one is not present on the receiving side. This is not a FreePBX issue but a carrier issue.

Each and every telco provider has a master caller ID/Name database with each phone number and a name tied to it. They are responsible for providing the name lookup on a global basis.

If you search the site this has been discussed several times.

Hope that helps.