Outbound Caller ID setup. Something like 9INBOUNDCALLERID

We use FreePBX with Flowroute. I would like to be able to setup ring groups so that if someone calls a flowroute number it rings a group of external numbers. Then when it rings those numbers set the Caller ID with a format like.


That way we would know it was forwarded plus have the actual caller id number.

Unless anyone has developed a better way?

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I’m assuming that you are in the US.

In theory, this is simple: Create a Set CallerID object with Caller ID Number set to 9${CALLERID(num)} and Destination set to your Ring Group. Point your Inbound Route to the new Set CallerID.

However, it’s fraught with many issues. The destination carrier may reject the call if the number is incorrectly formatted. You’re relatively ok with 9 and keeping the initial 1 (as in my example) because 91 is India and numbers there have 10 digits following the country code. However, a call from overseas could generate an invalid country or a number with invalid length.

The called phone won’t be able to match the number to a contact (unless you add a pseudo-contact for the purpose). The displayed number will be formatted as an Indian number on a mobile; a landline phone may not be capable of showing 12 digits. If you accidentally return a call from History or the pseudo-contact, you may reach someone in India, possibly in the wee morning hours there. The numbers in your Asterisk CDRs and Flowroute logs will look weird.

An alternative is to pass the number unmodified but set up the Ring Group with a Remote Announce. For example, the person answering would hear “Call for sales department” before the call is connected.

Another option is to ring a SIP app on the remote device instead of using a voice call. However, if the user has a poor data connection, voice quality could be bad. (If the device is not registered at all, you can fall back to a voice call.)

That solution worked perfectly. We have an after hour emergency extension and have always used our regular office caller ID and it is always a pain to know who called etc. This saves us that hassle now.

Thank you.

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