Outbound Caller ID Question

Hey all. I have a few questions about setting outbound CID on custom trunks. I have my * box setup and working fine. When I place a normal call to my SIP provider it passes the CID I have set for my extension, or the general caller ID used if an ext doesn’t have one assigned. My problem is with placing a SIP URI call. Any calls always have the extension number passed. I need to be able to set a specific caller ID based on the extension and custom trunk being used. ie: I have an iNum assigned and want to pass that number as CID when I call out that trunk, and have a different one for ITAD, etc… Any ideas how I can customize what outbound CID is passed based on the ext/trunk I’m using? I’m running the latest FPBX 2.7 with all the bells and whistles (custom contexts, dialplan injection, etc.) but just can’t seem to figure out how this has to be done. TIA to all!


When you create the trunk, you have the option to add an Outbound Caller ID: