Outbound caller id not showing on some cell carriers

I recently migrated my T1/PRI to a Sangoma Vega 100G from a digium TE121. The Digium card was on the physical server I had my FreePBX running on.

Since then some outgoing calls are showing unknown. It appears to only be on AT&T and Verizon and only on certain peoples cell accounts. I have seen some forum posts on the internet discussing voLTE issues will caller ID but I don’t have any clue what could be missing on the Sangoma Vega 100G.

Any ideas would help.

I am having the same problem. Outbound caller ID not showing up on calls to Verizon Wireless and ATT only in my local area.
Tech support hasn’t figured it out. Says its working when I call long distance. Earthlink is absolutely no help.
I changed out my T1 card from a Sangoma A102 to a Digium 1TE133F, that didnt help.

Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place since I cant prove either is at fault.

from the asterisk CLI

pri set debug intense span n

you will see the D-channel being set (or not) to your outbound CID, if it is beingset it is not your fault so it must be the next guy up the line (Earthlink)

I have a ticket open with Sangoma on this but in the meantime I found the following link:

I am about 90% certain the issue is with Verizon & AT&T on the voLTE service.

Please confirm you are talking of callerid(number) and not callerid(name) the last one pretty well guaranteed not to work in the US.

It’s callerid(number) that’s not working.

Thanks for this, helped me move this along. I gave up on dealing with Earthlink and called Verizon, told them the problems. They opened a ticket right away and escalated it after I made a test call for them and it didn’t show up in the call logs on their end…

The fix for me having the same problem of not getting CallerID on Verizon & ATT was discovered by Robert Keller @ FreePBX.

In my PRI card setup, he changed the Context “from-digital” to “from-pstn-e164-us” and behold it worked.
I think this is an Earthink / ITC Deltacom (or whatever their name is today) issue, as that’s not how it should be configured.

But Kudo’s to Robert for figuring it out.