Outbound Caller ID issue Engin SIP trunk

I am in the process of migrating to FreePBX 13.0.10 and have setup a single SIP trunk (Engin) and am having issues with the CID showing up correctly at the receiving parties’ phone. Under the general settings of the trunk I have changed the outbound caller ID to 086349XXXX (the trunk’s default is 086461XXXX) , but when a call is made on the trunk it shows up at the receiving phone as the trunk’s default CID 086461XXXX.

I have checked the outbound CID settings for the extension I am dialling out from and it is set to the CID required - 086349XXXX - as well.

I have read there was a CID issue with FreePBX version 13 is this still the case? If not has anyone had success with this setting on Engin SIP trunks.

As far as I know there’s no issues with CID.

The best thing to do is to do a call trace and see if the right CID is being set before the call is handed off to Engin. (asterisk -rvvvvv and make a call)

Thanks for the quick reply Xrobau - I read on another site that Engin don’t allow CID from other providers to be set at the FreePBX end. I was able to ring Engin and get them to set our primary number as the CID as a mask for all calls from the Engin SIP trunk. It will take 24 hours to see if this works.

Its not perfect but better than turning CID off completely.

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