Outbound Caller ID CID Setting = Forbidden response

Any advice on different options when setting outbound caller id? Provider assures me that the the trunk is setup to allow any caller ID

On an extension I have tried variety of things on the Outbound CID setting including 10 & 11 digit numbers including with and without text i.e. “NAME” <3125551212> but if I put in anything other then the main trunk number it doesn’t work. Trunk is set to allow any caller ID, but I have also tried setting the CID on the outbound-route and trunk with the same results.

Sip debug shows
Received response: “Forbidden”

The provider suggested the from shouldn’t be adjusted and that instead the CallerID only should be adjusted. ?

FBX 5.211.65-16 - Asterisk (Ver. 11.12.0)
Provider is running running BroadWorks


If I had a dollar for every time a provider assured me that the trunk was setup correctly I would be answering these posts from my private island in the Caribbean. :wink: :sunny:

Post some logs and your trunk config. It would be helpful to know what type of trunk you are using.

In pure Asterisk terms, they seem to want fromuser setting to the account number in sip.conf.

The better ITSPs who require this will accept caller ID by means of Remote-Party-ID (sendrpid=yes) or P-Asserted-Identity (sendrpid=pai) headers. Some abuse the name field in the from line.

I don’t use FreePBX, but I suspect that sendrpid is accessible, at least by direct manipulation of the file. Setting CALLERID(name) may well be difficult.