Outbound call to a number that shares same internal extension number

I’m using FreePBX and we have a internal ring group with the number 119. However, occasionally we need to call an external number with the same number. Is there a way I can create an outbound route and say to make external 119 calls I could put *119 then it routes that to the external 119 number instead of the internal ring group?

Dialing *[ext] will interfere with existing feature codes. You may create an outbound route and set the prefix to be ‘#’ key or an additional digit before the 119 number.

how about if i did #119, how would i configure it in the prepend + prefix match pattern / caller ID

Put # as prefix and XXX in the match pattern field. Leave the rest blank. Then when you dial #119 or any other 3 digit number it will actually dial out the 3 digits.

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Perfect, it worked thanks :slight_smile:

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