Outbound call revert back to incoming

I have an existing SIP trunk and it has been working for some time with no problems. I am trying to implement a 2nd SIP using SIPSTATION.

I can receive incoming calls and all works well with both SIP trunks enabled.

My extension I have it set for a couple different DIDs that goes directly to my station. No problem.

BUT now I am taking the DID from SIPSTATION and telling it to route to my station. When I do that and then make an outbound call from my station it reverts back to my pbx just like I called from outside.

The only way to fix this is to remove the SIPSTATION and reboot and of course remove the inbound route to my station. After I reboot all is good again.

It took all day of going methodically through each step to figure out where the problem starts. Now I am stuck. There is no point of a 2nd SIP if I can’t route incoming calls.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to try?

it would have been useful (for future sakes) to look at how your broken route was configured that resulted in the issue.

The only thing that comes to mind is if you had some sort of custom loopback trunk in there that you happened to have prior to the trunk. A call trace (requested above) would have identified that immediately.

As far as trying to route based on pattern, you need to proceed the inbound number with an “_” (Asterisk fashion) and then you can route based on patterns. The inbound routes do not automatically convert Asterisk style patterns. (There are cases where DIDs can be non-numeric, so it could be ambiguous if we did what we do for outbound routes, though it is something worth looking at closer to see if there is a reasonable way to determine it.

Thanks again! I will probably try and break it this weekend, now I know how to make it work :slight_smile:

If I can then I will for sure grab all of the pertinent logs.

what do you define as a ‘station’

once you answer that question, you may wan to past a call trace of that scenario where the outbound call is not working as expected.

A Station is a physical phone device that is tied to at least one extension.

OK this time rather than clicking on the boxes on the SIPSTATION module, I did it manually and its working. After spending so much time yesterday go round and round I dont dare click anything on the module, other than to create the truck.

Also I tried to do a DID mask of 77530008XX and that didn’t work on the incoming route… but when I tried without the XX and put 7753000826 for example it works.

OK what I am doing the creates a problem, is one of the new DIDs I am routing to my extension. Just like every other time I have done this and it works. No magic just route.

On my 1st truck I have a dozen DIDs. I have one of those routed to my station. I can remove that DID route and re add it without any problem.

Now I have the new trunk. When I do the same as with the first trunk basically I route one of the DIDs to my extension… no errors, its just completes setup as usual. However when I then make an outside call from that station, the call is routed back to the pbx.


please clarify the following, I don’t understand what you are doing. (Use an explicit config or example to clarify):

BUT now I am taking the DID from SIPSTATION and telling it to route to my station.

As an editorial comment, wrt to the sipstation module, the configuration it does can be seen directly in the inbound route for the did (you can click on the did in the sipstation module and it will take you straight there. You can see exactly how it is configured there (no magic …). For outbound, same thing, you can click straight to the routes in question, or the trunks that are created.

The crux here is that the module simple configures existing FreePBX pages for you, you can see 100% of what was actually configured if ever in doubt.