Outbound Call Reporting

I’m running AsteriskNOW and FreePBX and I’m looking for a way to report on outbound calls. Everyone seems to be focused on inbound queue related calls and I can’t find anything on outbound calls. I’d like to know how many outbound calls, the total talk time, and average talk time.

I can’t believe that there is nothing out there to do this. I can’t be the only one in the Asterisk universe looking for this functionality.

Please search Q-Xact.
it is really expensive but you can report everything you want.

Qxact reports is not going to tell him about outbound calls like he wants.


This may or may not work but it might be worth a look

Thanks for the tip jfinstrom but that doesn’t give me all the detail I’m looking for. Additionally it has a drop down for “External # Length” and when I report on 7 versus 10 I get slightly different numbers. It seems like an unnecessary selection. I’m not totally sure if I select 10 if it gets all numbers 10 or less.

I also need to find something that gives me results in a CVS format rather than only a graph.

I just can’t believe that as prevalent Asterisk is, there aren’t more solutions or even A solution for this.

If you use the PinSet Pro module, and assign account codes to your extensions you can report on outbound calls, with the account code report that is part of that module.

I came across this post after installing the trial of Q-Xact reports module. My application is also looking to get reporting on outbound calls of queue members. Has there been any updates to Q-Xact to include outbound calls or should I look at combining that report with custom analysis of CDR or PinSet Pro?