Outbound call rejected by mobile user and continues to call over and over

Hi All,

Funny issue on my brand new install of freePBX. everything working using IAX2 trunk with provider, inbound routes and outbound routes all working as expected. One little issue

When dialling a mobile number that hits reject call instead of picking up the call and the mobile service has no VM or forwarding, instead of hanging up the call the pbx calls the number again and again.

I would expect that the call once rejected by the mobile user would hang up on the pbx.

Am I missing a setting?

thanks for your help


Depending on the signaling the mobile service’s switch sends back, the trunking provider may believe it is a temporary, rather than a terminal, error, and keep retrying.

As an example, if the mobile service returns something equivalent to SIP 486 (Busy) then the provider should understand that this is a terminal condition and stop. If it returns a SIP 480 (Temporarily unavailable), which I have seen in some cases, the provider may take this as a signal to retry.

I would suggest that the place to start is by asking your VoIP provider about it.

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Thanks for the reply. I have logged a ticket with the IAX2 trunk supplier and I will see what they say.

Hoping this is something simple

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