Outbound call problem need to append * at end of number

I have FreePBX installed and this was working. Inbound calls via an IVR and outbound calls needing a * at the end so they would be dialed.

I have just changed the provider of the SIP trunk and now I cant get outbound calls to work, I get “your call can’t be completed as dialed”.

I have been sent some config by the SIP trunk provider which should work but it makes no difference. Trying to change the dial plan doesn’t seem to work, i.e. I can’t get rid of the fact I have to dial the outbound number with * at the end.

Can any offer things I can try?

I would like to understand why I can’t seem to drop the * (is this a default behavior?)for starters.

Any help would be appreciated.

The star must be a function of the phone though I can’t find where in the config. Using a soft phone I didn’t need a star. I was then able to correct config issues and all is well.

Case closed