Outbound Call Not Recording

I have inbound and Extention to Extention all calls record but I have outbound does not show any call recording in CDR reports. I have select Force under-recording in Extention module and inbound and outbound. Is there are anything missing to be done in order I can see recording for outbound.

Have you tried looking at your Outbound Route’s settings? Take a look at the route that is being used for your outbound test call. In the Additional Settings, you’ll see a Call Recording option. Maybe it’s set to Never. If it’s set with something that seems like it should be recording the call, it will help if you can show us what shows up in the Asterisk CLI(or full logs) during a test call.

Thank For the Hint. After I check Asterisk CLI I found it save the recording in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor as .wav file but it does not show in CDR report. Do I have to do any setup in order to show inside the CDR report. In CDR report shows extension to extension and inbound but not outbound.

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