Outbound call issue


First of all, I am using a FreePBX version Asterisk Version 16.9.0

I have configured a fairly new PBX install and as of right now all works just fine, I can place and receive calls with no problem, I can call internally as well with no problem I have setup webrtc for some remote users and it working fine as well, you can place and receive calls, but there is a weird issue with the webrtc external calls.

When I’m calling out using the webrtc client, and the person i’m calling does not answer or just times out for going to voicemail, I cannot hear the voicemail prompts for the phone company.

If for example I’m calling my cellphone and reject the call, I can hear the prompts for voicemail, but if I leave the call to times out to go to voicemail I cannot hear anything.

This just happens when using the webrtc client, if using a physical phone, there are no problems at all.

I am using the fop2 webrtc phone client and I have tried with the built in webrtc phone as well and the same issue happens on both.

Any idea of what might be the issue here?

Thanks in advance.

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