Outbound call categorized? And SQL access for custom report


I’m looking to see if theirs an already existing way to achieve this with freePBX or if their’s someone who have done the same, or maybe some hint on how to do this.

Basically, we have a callcenter which is doing outbound and inbound call. With our current system (mitel) we are not able to properly categorize our outbound call. We have different sort of campaign for outbound call and we would like to get statistic data about these just like what we can get with inbound Queue.

What I was thinking was to do something like describe right there : www queuemetrics com/blog/2017/11/09/automatic-outbound-calls-tracking/
So the agent would log in the Queue and is call would be counted as made in the queue.

What I’m not really sure is if I can use the dialing plan with this. For example, if the agent is calling is manager to ask a questions, I dont want this queue to be include in the “Outbound Sales Queue”.

Lastly, we have to match the call information with our custom CRM so I also need to get that data directly from the SQL or better from an API. Is that something possible?

The goal was to get something like
Q - Inbound Customer 1
Q - Inbound Customer 2
Q - Inbound Customer …

300 Q - Outbount Campaign type 1
301 Q - Outbount Campaign type 2
302 Q - Outbount Campaign type …

With the dialer*, if I use the Prefix 7300 + “Number to reach”, the call is counted as made in the “300 Q - Outbount Campaign type 1”.

*Dialer : I was thinking about using the Asterisk API to initiate the call from our application.

For reporting, I want to be able to extract the data of these queue directly from the database. Since it’s an open system, I don’t think should be an issue, but since I still not tested it I’m asking.

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