Out of the box issue with iSymphony

I am currently receiving an error:

The server currently does not have a connection with Asterisk. Please try again in a few minutes.

Any idea how to resolve this? I am new to iSymphony.

Have you purchased iSymphony for your system?

No I was hoping to use the free version. It’s built into Distro.

Have you gone to i9tech and downloaded the installation manual? It is very detailed.

The only thing is ignore the install since the distro has an RPM for it. Install from the FreePBX repository.

You will also need to sign up at i9Tech and get a license key to use the free version.

It’s worth the time to configure.

Apparently iSymphony is working with FreePBX to resolve an issue with this version of the Distro.

Apparently there is no manager admin account with the same default manager credentials used in the iSymphony configuration.

To resolve this issue, add a manager in FreePBX with the following credentials:

Username: isymphony
Passcode: ismanager*con

Allow all rights but only allow access via localhost or

You don’t need to purchase it.