Out of hours with shortcut


Is there a way to script the following functionality:

I wish to have an out of hours timer but seperate for each DDI and that can be activated by dialing a number.

For example:
DDI A opening hours are between 8am and 6pm. But DDI A’s out of hours could be switched on by dialing say *10 and off again by dialing *11.

DDI B opening hours are between 9pm and 5pm. DDI B’s out of hours could be switched off by dialing say *12 and off again by dialing *13.

During office hours both DDI’s will ring a ring group and out of hours will ring a specific extension or voicemail box.

Ideally there should be a catch all option switch would allow you to turn on or off A and B at the same time.

Anyone have any ideas?? :).[/list]

I’ve got a module I threw together that I’ll be putting out soon that does day/night mode. I implemented it with only a single ‘day/night’ object but I actually architected it so that it would be failrly easy to extend and make multiple day/night object - each with their own feature code to toggle them similar to what you describe. However - since most people are content with only a single day/night path - that’s all I put the effort into at this point. Hopefully I’ll get it up soon - and people can have a look. (Then if someone wants to extend it to handle multiple like you are asking for they can and submit it back).