Out going call not going

I am newbie to freepbx. I installed FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’ with Asterisk 13.14.0 running in a remote machine. I created 4 extensions with context “from-pstn”. My extension to extension call is working fine but when I call outside it fails. I had E1 PRI ISDN line with Sangoma card A200 remora. I created a trunk of Dahdi/g0 and a outbound route also. There will no inbound call.


Trunks use the context from-pstn - Extensions use the context from-internal.

From the CLI, post “dahdi_cfg -vv” and then from the Asterisk CLI post “dahdi show status” and “dadhi show channels” and then place a call and post the output from the CLI - either your PRI is not working or you have a problem with Outbound Routes.