Out dial fails - sort of

Good evening everyone. Running a new Ver. 2.10, Asterisk 10. Virtually everything works except for an out dial problem. Vitelity is the service provider and I did carefully follow their conf. instructions even though they are out of date.

Out dial works great for local calls if you dial the number as a long distance number. If I dial it as local I end up with -

“Dial failed due to trunk reporting Address Incomplete - giving up”

when doing an Asterisk dump.

I had a previous version (2.5) that worked just fine. This version has the new pull down menu set-up which is great but doesn’t match a lot of the older descriptions on how to fix things.

Can someone give me a clue where to look for the incomplete address problem? I have tried endless combinations of dial plan configurations and trunk & route set-ups without success. Dialing everything long distance seems to work perfectly.

Hopefully this is a very simple problem and I am over looking something obvious and stupid.

Any information much appreciated.

Vitelity (and most Sip providers) require a 10 (or 11) digit dial string, you will need to prepend your area code to 7 digit dialling in your outbound route.

Yup! For Vitelity 11 digits. Really simple once you know for sure what Vitelity really wants and what all the boxes do and don’t do. To see a successful (and really simple) dial plan that works for Vitelity in a U.S. 7 digit dial area go here -

Thanks for your help.