OSS Templates - Print Action

It would be handy in OSS or the End Point Manager to be able to print a copy of the settings for an end point device. This would be handy when setting up other endpoints or just for the record.

The generated mac address based fille could not be more definitive.

Great, and how do I print it?

How do you print other stuff? FreePBX doesn’t have (and IMHO shouldn’t) have a printing interface. If it was me, I’d SFTP the file off the server’s /tftpboot directory and print it from your desktop. You can also open the file in “vi” and screen print it, or any one of a dozen other similar approaches.

In the spirit of all the GUI based management improvements to FreePBX, a GUI based option to print seems very possible. I doubt a print config for the PBX is required. Many of us are not Linux users and appreciate every improvement to the FreePBX distro which avoids having us research how to use Linux, Asterisk internals or other unfamiliar techniques to manage our PBX.

No big deal. Just an idea I wanted to pass along.

*** By the way, I just did a copy from the template config editor and pasted it into MS Word. It did work so that is an option as a work around which is good for manually grabbing the various pieces of settings.

most browsers and os’ accept f11 and then PrtScrn

Don’t think that will print the entire list. Paint and copy can scroll the page and get it all. QSS is “unsupported” so this is all just a nice to have discussion although their may be other areas in the GUI which could use a “Print” option. Various ways to do it, just print the currently displayed info or print a report based on what makes sense for the module involved.

You could put in a ‘feature request’ but my guess is that a few minutes reading up on winscp would be a lot more productive for you and get you results quicker.

Like always please open a feature request. We are just starting our FreePBX 15 planning. The new backup module is almost done for 15 and now onto a list of small things so we can get a beta out this year.