OSS PBX End Point Manager Broken

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So the fact that I got an error related to MariaDB is just coincidence? coincidences happen about only once in every hundred or two every time that word is used. My setup probably won’t help with the overall goal of the work here, but I have a feeling it points to some root problems that might be in the way.

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I think most of the IncrediblePBX installs I’ve looked at lately are on CentOS scientific. But yea, this work I think would benifit all versions since, it seems like support for Endpointman is slowly disappearing, even when I ask questions about it on various forums, it’s like crickets chirping.


Maybe, maybe not, but a little out of scope for the moment. There are plenty of bugs in the existing module with the Distro. If you can give better steps to reproduce, I will try against the distro w/14.0.21. Or ideally, load up a distro test image and report back.

At this point I am concentrating on Distro/php5.6 w/OSS 14.0.21 vs Buster/php7.3.


Initial testing from me with @jerrm efforts fixing it in buster/php7.3 is ++

(no crickets here, buy him a beer)


I just posted another round of patches.

I was hoping to have some real testing time over the weekend, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Decided to go ahead and get them out there for anyone whose interested.

This should be most of the low hanging fruit. I can still blow it up easily, but the good news is all my errors are also happening under the distro w/

Still, no promises… don’t forget fwconsole chown.


I got busy on some things I will start grabbing the latest and doing some rounds of testing. You are awesome


There are issues with base.php which is actually part of the endpoint package and not the module. I will try to post a temp fix tonight.

What phones are you using? Each brand package (or at least some) also have custom php code that may need modification.

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