OSS EPM Yealink Line Key functions

We were deploying some Yealinks to a customer, and they asked for the Group Listen feature. I was surprised to find that the Yealinks support this feature, which I had only seen on some key based PBX’s (Samsung). For the T28, it’s not a problem, as the DSS keys can be configured as such. However, On the T22P, this feature can be assigned in the web interface to one of the line keys. I didn’t see a corresponding entry in the T22 template to allow the definition of the line keys to other functions. I see there’s no way to have it on the display of the phone, but figured it should be editable on the template. It seems that the line keys can support any of the functions.



Are you sure this feature works with Asterisk? Have you tested?

Yes it does work. It’s phone based function, not asterisk, where the handset speaker is off, the base speaker (speakerphone) is on, and the active microphone is the handset. It’s a nice way of having others listen to the other side of the conversation, without the typical speaker phone pickup from the base microphone.