OSS Endpoint Syslog Server?

Hello All,

In the configuration template file for SPA5xx phones, when you edit the template for the spa$mac.xml it shows a field for the syslog_server in the debug information section called {$syslog_server}, where does that field get populated from?
( see web edit of template below )

<Syslog_Server group="System/Optional_Network_Configuration">{$syslog_server}</Syslog_Server>
<Debug_Level group="System/Optional_Network_Configuration">3</Debug_Level>
<Debug_Server group="System/Optional_Network_Configuration">{$syslog_server}</Debug_Server>

Once generated you get the below with no value ( I guess I should say expected )

<Syslog_Server group=“System/Optional_Network_Configuration”></Syslog_Server>
<Debug_Level group=“System/Optional_Network_Configuration”>3</Debug_Level>
<Debug_Server group=“System/Optional_Network_Configuration”></Debug_Server>

Also in the $model.cfg there is a syslog_server setting there, is one ignored or does one have priority over the other?


Are you running the OSS EPM or the commercial version? If you are running the commercial version I think those values come from your base files. In the OSS version you would need to edit the templates.

Yes, I knew I had to edit the file, but it was referencing the variable so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss which a setting somewhere within the GUI.
I know there is nothing within the OSS advanced options since I went through those several times. But why would you set a variable there when there is none?

I am not the developer but I would imagine the reason could be so that a single set of base config templates would work with both the OSS and commercial versions.

If you are using the OSS version when the config templates are processed the variable is null so the config contains nothing. If you are using the commercial version the variable has a value so that value is substituted and ends up in the congfig. But it is just a guess.

The OSS and Commercial Versions do not share any common code.