OSS Endpoint Mgr with Polycom Pickup button


I realise that this isn’t really the right place for this question but the OSS EPM website is always out of order.

I have a problem where the config supplied by OSS EPM are setting up a ‘PickUp’ softkey, which is active during a call. This key doesn’t seem to work - perhaps there is something in the config for this key which needs to be changed, but trying to do a directed pickup ends with an engaged tone and nothing else.

I’ve been looking through the $mac_reg.cfg, sip.cfg, $mac.cfg, overrides etc … Searching for the reference to this softkey and having no luck. I’ve tried setting some parameters which I thought would define the pickup actions, but also, no luck.

I would rather just remove it … I already can assign a working EFK for various pickups, so I don’t really need another one. Again, I cannot find any reference to this key in the EPM configs and it isn’t one of the ‘standard’ softkeys that you can turn off (such as New Call, Hold, Split, Join etc). I searched many Polycom manuals for a reference to a PIckUp key, and again, nothing …

Any ideas where this config is coming from so I can be rid of it once and for all?

Thanks …

Found it …

<feature feature.directedCallPickup.enabled="0" />

This is enabled by default at the top of sip.cfg, which enables the PickUp button. Even when I change the string correctly, and the method I couldn’t get this to work. I mapped the relevant feature code for Group Pickup to a softkey and this works fine. Later I will look into making a macro and perhaps creating a softkey which is slightly more efficient.

In the meantime, I ticked the GITHUB repo option in Global Settings - which has since broken the Product Configurator completely … bah :smile: