OSS Endpoint Manger Broken Template FreePBX 12

Hi I just upgraded to freepbx 12. All look great until I went to edit a template.

My template has 4 tabs for BLF buttons and line buttons. I created all the javascript to update the template. When I edit the template the other tabs are not there… just general.

I looked and all my code is there… the cfg file is coming from the same place… etc. all looks the same just the template editor is not working the same.


I looked into this a bit more today.

In the previous version there were “tabs” on the top of the page for “General” and “Keys” etc.

Also the data fields were styled… they don’t appear to be styled anymore. I looked over the source of the page and the other “tabs” are there just not being displayed. It almost appears that a style sheet is missing.

I added a polycom phone and the template was displayed broken as well.