OSS Endpoint Manager

Where does one go for help with OSS Endpoint Manager? I realize Sangoma has a paid commercial module. And if the OSS isn’t being worked on any more, I’ll spend the money on the commercial version. The only traffic I see here is from two years ago.

I’ve got some Grandstream GXP2130s I need to configure and the Grandstream support present in OSS appears to be broken.

The OSS endpoint manager is community maintained. This for the most part means unmaintained unless someone wants to make something happen.

There is a gentleman doing a ton of work on it to make it work with 13 but I don’t know if he is accepting requests for features/functionality.

Offering a bounty may work or you can see the code at: https://github.com/FreePBX-ContributedModules/endpointman you may find it is something easy to do yourself and contribute back

Unfortunately my PHP skills are limited and my IP telephony knowledge even more so. Yeah, I’ve been on the GitHub page. But I can’t figure out how to message there.

But it’s really starting to sound like this is only a marginally maintained project. Well I’ll see what I can do myself and if I decide I need an endpoint manager I’ll come back to Sangoma.