OSS Endpoint manager weirdness with SPA phones

I’ve reported this before, but the SPA504G and 514G phones don’t work correctly with the OSS Endpoint Manager module unless I manually edit the config for each phone and enable the web interface…and leave it enabled. This is less than ideal.

Today I also found that the default dial plan it’s putting on these phones seems to be localized, which it shouldn’t be:

( [23456789]11 | *xxx. | <:1352>[2-9]xxxxxx | <:1>[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 | 011xxxxxxx. | [#*x][*x][*x]. )

So it’s prepending 1352 on any seven-digit dialed numbers, and it came ‘out of the box’ this way.

I know you’re pushing folks toward the commercial module, but I think it’s still important to fix things like this in the included module.

Running with all modules updated as of right now. Asterisk is 10.12.1

Can someone please comment on these two problems?


Just for clarification nobody is pushing someone onto the Commercial version. The OSS one has never been part of the core FreePBX project. Its a standalone product from provisioner.net that pushes in changes to FreePBX as they roll new versions.

Okay, well the included module is still dorked up and has been for months. I’ve also just noted that the remote reboot commands also don’t work, even with the web interface open. This used to work. How do we go about getting this fixed?


For what it’s worth, I used paid support to figure out what was going on with this the first time and reported the issue to the tech.

Well I would open a bug report at freepbx.org/trac I know Andrew tries to spend sometime on cleaning up EPM when he has the time.