OSS Endpoint Manager no longer loads packages after upgrade to 13.0.2

A fresh proper install in hopes it will correct my issue. I’ve checked everything… even fail2ban, thinking it may have banned the repository IP. I’m perplexed. Its got be something simple. Thanks for chiming in @tm1000 I’m at a loss. May just go ahead and continue programming phones manually or go with the commercial version.

Well, I’ve got a fresh install now. One other thing I’ve noticed is that the globals don’t seem to be sticking upon save action. Here is a video: http://screencast.com/t/tXmvV9Jox

The same package loading issue persist. Here is a video, which shows the web logs as well, hope this helps. Developers may be able to spot the issue: http://screencast.com/t/mnULgKmJLqVq

The developer does not participate on these forums. I suggest you email him directly.

Thanks Andrew, I’ve assuming this shouldn’t be reported as a bug via issue.freepbx.org issue tracker it being a module. Forgive my ignorance, I’m green with envy on this simply awesome FreePBX project. I’ve located Justin Novacks email on github and compiling all of this for him. I hope its not an inappropriate channel. Thank again Andrew, you’re assistance was greatly appreciated.

I am having the same problem …if I go back to the lat 12.x version it works.

Thanks for chiming in Dave. Not nice to know someone else having the same issue, but its good to know its not something I’m doing in error. Hope to hear from Justin soon. I’m eager to jump to 13.0.3 as it may work better with my Polycom IP 550 phones. 12 works fine with my one 330, but it hammered my 550s firmware.

Strange as there is no 12.x version.

This is not the developer. Please PM me and I can send you his information

I felt a disturbance in the force…

I did submit some patches to the Endpoint Manager, but it’s been about 2+ years since I’ve touched PHP. I believe the person you are looking for is https://github.com/vsc55

This error “File does not exist: /var/www/pbx/admin/assets/css/mainstyle.css” seems clear. Do you have the file on your disk after doing an install?? If not, try a basic:
touch /var/www/pbx/admin/assets/css/mainstyle.css

Secondly, and probably MORE importantly, it seems you have access to this server AVAILABLE TO THE INTERNET. I can click that and get to your server. This is EXTREMELY INSECURE. Block access to the web management from the internet. If you can’t, then you need to restrict access via IP address (via some method of firewall or apache/nginx configuration), AND use HTTPS.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

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Considering Andrew is forking** it from https://github.com/mx504 my guess is that this is the person the OP is looking for…

Andrew is no stranger to that module as you will see from the commits but you should direct your inquiries to https://github.com/mx504 I believe…

Good luck and have a nice day!


** forking is essentially making yourself a copy usually to modify it but not always.

How about version 2.11.12

No I am not forking it from mx504. Github is confused because I deleted my repo years ago. mx504 forked it from me to fix a simple bug.

Thank you Justin. I’ve forwarded to Jossi. Would you mind hitting that URL and attempting htpasswd logins a few times now? I’m trying to verify fail2ban blocks bruits. Forgot I left it open trying to get a phone provisioned. Thanks for the heads up! I’m assuming now I’ve got to setup the OSS EOM phone server address to be xxx:[email protected] now. Applying SSL now.

That is not the right person either. If anyone wants the real developer please PM me so I can forward you their information.

From a server in the 66.xx.yy.zz block, I have tried logging in with “asdf” 5 times between 17:00:00 GMT-5 and 17:05:00 GMT-5 per your request.

Thank Justin, I see you. Fail2ban though was only looking at /var/log/httpd/error_log. I’ve just changed it to /var/log/httpd/*error_log and HUPt it. Should start blocking now if you care to continue being a brute :wink: Many thanks for the assistance!

Response from Javier via email:

The Advanced Settings section does not save changes that is unfinished, I will spend what I have so far as this is finished.
In Package Manager section I changed the check system update, now would not have to give problems.

Apology for the inconvenience.

A greeting Javier Pastor.

I made a patch solving the problem.

You can find it below (I’m not allowed to attach files nor links)

diff --git a/Endpointman.class.php b/Endpointman.class.php
index a83f8dd..034c362 100644
--- a/Endpointman.class.php
+++ b/Endpointman.class.php
@@ -691,6 +691,7 @@ class Endpointman implements \BMO {
 		$row_out = array();
 		$i = 0;
 		$brand_list = $this->epm_config_hardware_get_list_brand(true);
+		if($check_for_updates) 	$brand_up = $this->update_check();
 		foreach ($brand_list as $row) 
 			$row_out[$i] = $row;
@@ -699,7 +700,6 @@ class Endpointman implements \BMO {
-				$brand_up = $this->update_check();
 				$id = $this->system->arraysearchrecursive($row['name'], $brand_up,'name');
 				$id = $id[0];
 				if((isset($brand_up[$id]['update'])) AND ($row['installed'] == 1)) {
@@ -3952,4 +3952,4 @@ if ($this->configmod->get('debug')) echo format_txt(_("---Inserting Model %_NAME

Thanks @beppoit !

How does one apply this patch?

patch “file?” < savedfile.patch

Yes can use the usual patching command as you pointed out.
I wish I were able to attach the patch to the message instead of having to copy and paste it with many formatting problems.

As you migh see the patch consist only in adding one line of code before the foreach
if($check_for_updates) $brand_up = $this->update_check();
and removing the line few line after
$brand_up = $this->update_check();

In fact the method update_check is taking a long time to complete and repeating it for each brang result in a ajax timeout