OSS Endpoint Manager no longer loads packages after upgrade to 13.0.2

Those are commented out because they create fatal errors.

Not on the the versions tested here, with them uncommented no errors when creating extensions or using ossepm
Can you say where the fatal error occurs so I can check here.

Sorry I can’t recall.

There is a new version released


Ok upgrade to that version and looking at the diff it fixes the bits i mentioned. so looks like it may be a goer.

Sorry its been a headache but we have a lot of servers using it and with it broken was holding up a migration.

the only headache now is getting the customer to upgrade chrome…

This was already addressed. If you looked at the diff you would have noticed that.

The module is unsupported. Sangoma does not support it. Please keep this in mind.

Thank you for the fix. It works.

Pardon me, but that is a very poor approach to any sort of OSS project. Its hard for me to imagine a more irresponsible act on the part of a project maintainer than to push code that has not be throughly vetted by the project maintainer. AAMOF there are subtle undertones of “get the supported (aka closed source) version if you don’t like it” in the suggestion that those using the “community maintained” version must “wait” upon the provider of buggy code to correct the problem.

So you’re running Git… just revert the bad work and be done with it.

What it may be, if you read between the lines, they may be suggesting that more of the interested parties to get involved in development, testing (with emphasis on testing) etc. because Sangoma employees’ responsibilities don’t extend that far. Sangoma employees are primarily charged with responsibilities towards their product and that is quite understandable, and they are really good at it. It is ultimately their good will, that they give the non-Sangoma-supported modules a glance and fix them when needed.

That certain OSS modules suffer from neglect and high churn, is because of, ultimately, the ‘mode of usage’ on some of them: they are usually downloaded once, if they mostly work they are left that way, because development, testing and care for them requires mostly 3 things: time, time and more time. And certain knowledge that not everybody has. And let’s not forget, dedicated infrastructure. And (since interested parties are usually admins of certain parts of company networks) their management may also need to be involved. Who may, or may not understand, why the involvement is important or even who the hell is the open-source movement. Or may be ‘contractually bound’ to not let anything out that may help competition, even in broad sense. Or may not want to undermine Sangoma’s business model.

Bottom line ? Unless you are seriously so financially-constrained, that you really can’t afford the non-free modules, and you’re your own operator, admin and manager, and you know what you’re doing, you’d probably be easily steered towards the non-free solution, that ‘just works’.

This is not your ‘general purpose’ operating system or some libraries that everybody needs and everybody can get on board with - FreePBX is a highly specialized system; Hacking in it is not a feat of some ‘random geeks’ any more, even if it is still possible in Asterisk itself.

(Disclaimer: I am only using the Distro as a customer, running on ‘free-as-beer licenses’ where possible without compromising on features, and I fall into the mostly not-enough-time-resources-and-knowledge category when it comes to involvement in development… and so far, when support was needed, Sangoma was exceeding my expectations every time, and gone the extra mile even though I only ever actually purchased a couple of phones)

I take issue with the wording choice here. There are many things which are orders of magnitude worse that publishing untested code, and your choice of the word “push” makes it appear as if users are somehow being forced to use the OSS EPM. Wording aside, your sentiment is essentially correct, the project maintainer(s) should test their code. The issue is that the OSS EPM project is community supported, and at present, there is no community supporting it. You seem to feel that the absence of such a community automatically puts the onus on FreePBX developers to maintain it.

So there is a dilemma here, does FreePBX publish less than perfect code and run the risk of annoying users with known bugs, or do they not publish the code and run the risk of being accused of suppressing the project to promote the paid version. The decision has been made to publish the code and make it clear at every opportunity that the OSS EPM is community supported.

I wrote a lengthy post the other day about this module which is vaguely related:

As to your objection to the word “push:” Linguistics is a wonderful thing. “Push” is a Git command whereby one transmits changes from one Git repository to another. It is a term that the maintainer will certainly understand (and most other developers as well).

Objecting to pushing untested code in no way implies what you have assumed. It is irresponsible, period. Developers of any kind understand that. Untested code always goes into a testing branch of some sort. It sits there until someone tests it and verifies that it does not break currently working functionality. In this case, since there seem to be no community developers, it would sit there forever. That is very much preferable to pushing it to the current stable branch and causing pain for the community users.

Pushing code is a few second job. If the maintainer has time to push code to the stable branch, the maintainer has time to push it to a testing branch. The existential fact of the push provides self-evident witness to that fact.

Sure. But I am not the maintainer.

Users have complained both ways. They have complained that we do not update OSS and then when I publish updates from a community member they complain that it doesn’t work.

So it didn’t work before and it doesn’t work now. There’s no difference.

The solution is easy. If you are this riled up about OSS EPM then do something about it and go fix it yourself.

Good attitude. I think I see why the OSS version is pretty much dead.

OSS is dead because there is only one person working on it. By himself. With no outside help from the community. That person is not me.

You are looking way too deeply into this. The last time I asked people to “step up” they did, which is why a community contributor now exists. If you have problems with OSS EPM you should talk to him. He is the maintainer. Not Sangoma and not me (you replied directly to me).

What’s really sad is when we ask for help from the community to support projects like this, with time or other resources and instead the blame comes back to the “maintainer”. The project needs help. And if you have a problem with the fact that OSS is unmaintained or you think there is some plot to make you buy the commercial EPM then please remember that there are over 127 active modules in FreePBX. 100+ of those are free, open source and maintained by Sangoma.

Furthermore as far as I am aware and as far as I last checked the current stable release of OSS EPM DOES WORK.

My apologies on mistaking you for the maintainer. I forked your repo in order to begin reading the code to see if I could fix misc small bugs and made the assumption that since your repo had the freshest commits (and they were pushed by you), that you were the maintainer.

I never thought that Sangomia maintained it. That has been very clear ever since the closed source OSS fork, and is loudly announced in many places. A previous post made the assumption that that was my thought, but that individual is incorrect.

Yes. That is sad. But with attitudes and responses like I have received it is little wonder.

I suspect that (as with any for-profit company) Sangoma does what is in the best interest of their bottom line. That is certainly attested to by the many responses concerning the dollar value of their investment as justification for ending their support of OSS EPM. But I am spitting in the wind here.

(Please don’t shout.) According to the Module Admin interface, I just installed “ Stable.” It manifests the exact symptom described in the OP’s subject line. A look firebug shows many jquery errors, etc. (Incidentally, this set me off on the trail of looking to see if I could fix it.) A further look seems to suggest that there is a mismatch on the MD5 hash after downloading the package. But there is no indication of this fed back to the GUI (at least on this installation), so it appears to sit there and do nothing.

I have no Endpoint Manager repo under my name. You must have forked the FreePBX repo.

Again. Not my repo. I merely merge in the external contributor commits. As can be seen here: https://github.com/FreePBX-ContributedModules/endpointman/commits/master

This is part of the process when people push external pull requests to the project for FreePBX. Someone has to merge them. That someone would be me. But you are right. I can just let them sit there and do nothing. That’s fine.

I have asked nicely in the past. Your attitude is wearing on me and your tone is aggravating. Forgive me for giving it back to you. So I have killed off OSS Endpoint Manager? Doesn’t seem like it with the community contributions: https://github.com/FreePBX-ContributedModules/endpointman/commits/master

Sangoma (formerly Schmooze) never supported the OSS EPM. 100+ modules are free and open source. We are arguing about one single module.


Ok. It’s been working fine here but what do I know.

Anyways attitudes aside… these are your options

  1. You can fix it
  2. You can wait for the community to fix it
  3. You can wait for me to fix it

Other people have replied to this thread. Sangoma employees and not, saying basically the same thing. I’ll just step back into the shadows on this thread now. You are highly upset/aggravated and don’t appear to want to hear from me (though you replied directly at me which triggers a notification).

Honestly I give up. The only way to please you is if I take on OSS EPM and fix the problems within. Which again, there were problems before this set of problems. I don’t see this thread going anywhere but in circles.

Strange… I was not the one shouting. Perhaps you are the one highly upset/aggravated?

But I agree: this is going nowhere and burning time I could be using to fix the problem. I will fix what I need to and post patches to my repo (after testing). If someone wants them they will be there.

This is what’s called “baiting”. You have no idea how I acted when I typed that. Maybe I left caps lock on. Anyways doesn’t matter I guess. You are poking and baiting me for a response. Why? What’s the point if you actually want to improve this module?

You have no CLA on file. You will need to fill out a CLA first. Otherwise your code will not be accepted. http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FOP/Code+License+Agreement

And your statement regarding me was not “baiting?” You have no idea how I am acting when I am typing either. This is simply a part of the depersonalization of technology. We learn to live with it. I am not upset at you or anyone. I simply made a valid observation about code management. If you or anyone else does not agree, that’s fine. However, I reserve the right to defend it.

I retain copyright to every one of the many thousands of lines of code I have contributed to OSS projects over the years. But that is a philosophical difference and given the climate of this discussion, we’d better avoid adding that to the mix. :wink:

My changes will be in my repo. If they help someone else, fine. If not, I (at least) needed them.

I appreciate your time. Let’s both get back to productive work.

Fair point.

Got it.