OSS Endpoint Manager Modify or Create Templates

TL/DR: Looking for direction on creating templates for phones in the OSS endpoint manager.

Hi. I am using the OSS endpoint manager on a Beagle Bone Black freePBX install.

I am using Grandstream gxp2124 phones. This phone is semi supported in the OSS endpoint manager. I would like to improve the support for the phone by adding all the 24 keys. Also I am using User and Device mode, so I need to figure out how to get the “extension” number so I can auto configure the voice mail key.

So. I would like to find some documentation or tutorial on how to create new templates. Any direction anyone can give me on now to do this would be appricated. I want to be able to add more panels to the template screen and add more variables for different fields in the config file.

Can I get a list of variables you have access to? Do you have access to all the fields within the freepbx Users (extension) and device setup screens?


The front end WebUI is hosted at:

The back end configurator is hosted at:

It may be worth looking over the code and submitting any changes you make back


The reboot does not work on the grandstream GXP2124. I have been looking over the code. It seems like it is logging in the web UI and issuing the reboot url.

I guess I am going to have to look over the code and reverse engineer how it is working. Seems like a very nice modular system.